Mykonos South Beaches & Castaway's BBQ


A truly amazing opportunity like nothing you have experienced before. Join us on one of Mykonos’s secluded beaches and enjoy an amazing seafood BBQ close to the wreck of an old ship.
Our boat will set sail from Agios Nikolaos beach and head towards the South Beaches of Mykonos, and specifically the beach of Fragias or Kalafakionas. On the way there, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of some of the most popular coastlines in Greece, known for their amazing beauty and crazy lifestyle. If requested, there could be some time for a stop or two, before we arrive at our ultimate destination. Until then, there is plenty of time to enjoy the sun and drink some cocktails on board our boat.
When we arrive at the Castaway’s beach, all passengers will disembark with our tender and taken to the isolated beach to enjoy its golden sand and its crystal waters. While enjoying yourselves, our staff will set up all the necessary equipment and prepare the “feast” of a meal. Whoever of the participants want to, may join in with the preparations of the barbeque, and possibly learn 2 or 3 secrets of the Hellenic practices of Barbequing. Our grill man will be more than happy to explain the procedure.
When everything is set, there is no limit to the consumption of the food and drinks so you are welcome to consume as much as your belly holds. Please note that the grilling and the serving of the Barbeque takes place on the beach and on tables and benches supposedly made from wood from the ship-wreck. Also, sheds, overlapped with shredded fishing nets, will be provided to protect participants from the sun.
After the “feast” is over, there is plenty of time to relax on the sand and sea, before we head back to our original starting point.
Embarkation ports

€120 per person for the BBQ
Additional costs: the boat charter + any other supplement that you choose

Hours Olga
Capetan Antonis
8 960 € 1.600 € 2.000 € 3.600 € 7.700 € 6.000 € 5.500 €
10 1.200 € 2.000 € 2.500 € 4.500 € 9.500 € 6.500 € 6.000 €
12 1.440 € 2.400 € 3.000 € 5.400 € 11.300 € 7.000 € 6.500 €

Transfer (Pickup)
  • One way Transfer 8 € per person
Food & Beverages
  • Οpen bar Standard (incl. Wine house, soft drinks, ouzo, raki): 15 € per person
  • Open bar Plus (as standard + beer): 20 € per person
  • Οpen bar Executive (as standard + Whiskey, Vodka, Cognac, Brandy, Campari, Sodas, Rum, Nuts & Seeds): 30 € per person
  • Cold Snacks on Board: 18 € per person (cheese pies, sausage pies, tomatoes, cucumber, traditional feta cheese, tzatziki sauce and Greek olives)
  • Buffet on Board: 50 € per person (incl: Spaghetti with shrimps, Greek Salad, Fruit, Yogurt with sweet preserves & Drinks - Wine, water, beverages)
  • BBQ on board: 65,00 € per person with meat menu & 75,00 € with fish menu (incl: main menu option, Greek Salad, Fruit, Yogurt with sweet preserves - white & red house wine, soft drinks & water)
  • Castaway's Barbeque: 120 € per person
Entertainment Supplements
  • Mykonos Cruises beach towels:
    Rental at 10 € each
    Sale at 20 € each
  • Snorkeling equipment: Rental 8 € each
  • Fishing Activity Equipments (fishing line & bait): Rental 18 € per person
  • Fishing Activity Equipments (fishing rod, fishing line & bait): Rental 45 € per person
  • Argonaftis & Atlantis also have the ability of organizing yoga lesson and cooking class on board. The costs are:
    Activity Atlantis Argonaftis
    Yoga lesson 500 € 300 €
    Cooking Class 500 € + 150 € per person 500 € + 150 € per person
  • Escorting Tender

    2-4pax: 150 € (click to see image)
  • Embarkation/Dissembarkation Tender

    Name: Eirini
    Design: Ranieri 520
    Length: 5,20m
    Width: 2,05m
    Weight: 510kg
    Horsepower: 115up
    Protocol for rental: 6 people
    Tender use: 8-10 people

    Tender cost for Casablanca
    Tender cost for Olga
    Tender cost for Argonaftis
    Tender cost for Atlantis
    Tender cost for Phoebus
    Tender cost for Jason
    Tender cost for Capetan Antonis
  • Jet Ski

    Jet Ski

    : 600 €. Includes: Fuel & 1 permanent staff for explanation and security
  • Canoe


    : 180 €
  • Kayak


    : 220 €
  • Floating Island

    Floating Island

    floating island
    : 400 € (for 6 pax)
Payment Methods

1. Credit card payment

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners & Discover. Payments are taken securely online through Viva Payments services.

Upon receiving the online payment notification, which will be sent via e-mail, you will be redirected to Viva Payments's site where you can make your payment. At present, all payments are in Euros.

2. Bank Transfer:

Please deposit the necessary amount to the following bank account:

Name: Mykonos Cruises

Account Number: 5066084804079

Bank Name: Piraeus Bank

IBAN: GR4601720660005066084804079

Swift Code: PIRBGRAA

Bank Address: Plateia Kanarion 2 & Skra, Ilioupoli 16345

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please email your SENDER'S FIRST and LAST NAME, SENDER'S ADDRESS and COUNTRY, and SENDER'S PHONE NUMBER to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you send your payment through Wire Transfer.

Other Information
  • The programme of the cruise can be subject to each client’s preference according the the hourly schedule that is mentioned above.

  • Vat 24% & local taxes are included in rates.

  • All cruises can be performed with winds up to Beaufort force 6, with weather prediction on the previous day. In the rare occassion that a cruise is cancelled due to bad weather, the clients are entitled to a 80% refund of the charter price.

Cruise Cancellation policy

>30 days prior to the cruise date 50%
>14 days prior to the cruise date 0%


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