Ministry of Shipping: New support for coastal shipping with 12,000,000 euros

  New support, amounting to 12 million euros, announced that it has secured the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy for coastal shipping companies, due to

its crucial role in ensuring communication and adequacy of supply and movement of passengers and goods between mainland and island Greece. This additional support, in order to deal with the negative consequences of the ongoing pandemic, raises the total support package for coastal shipping to 67 million euros.     In addition, the announcement of the Ministry of Shipping points out that the support of seafarers and workers in the sector continues with a series of measures. In total, support measures for maritime work approaching 15,000,000 euros include special purpose compensation, extension of insurance capacity of unemployed seafarers and unemployment benefit, inclusion of coastal shipping in the scheme of subsidizing employer contributions for active seafarers, revision of conditions for registration in the lists offered for enrollment, coverage of part of the rents of the unemployed sailors. The Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Giannis Plakiotakis stated: "The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, from the first moment of the health crisis, proceeds with integrated planning to support measures for both companies and employees. We managed to ensure on the one hand the protection of work and on the other hand the seamless communication between mainland Greece and our islands. We continue, taking all the necessary measures, in the exact same direction ".
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